In Loving Memory & Tribute

Rev. James E. Davis

November 4, 1931 - May 14, 2010

Elder James Davis had a profound impact on The Truth Church. This is true not only as a result of him preaching here as a visiting minister, but even more importantly, through his direct influence upon Pastor Riggen. At the age of 15, our Pastor’s family moved to Dallas, Texas, where they became members of Greater Apostolic Tabernacle in Balch Springs (a suburb of Dallas). Elder Davis was mightily used in the gifts of the Spirit, especially in the realms of healings, miracles, and faith. His preaching, teaching, and leadership instilled in Pastor Riggen a deep appreciation for—and love of—the truth. The power of God that was consistently present in the church during Pastor Riggen’s tenure there also created in him a passion for a deep move of the Spirit that goes beyond much of the superficial services found in so many of today’s churches.


Our purpose in providing these messages is to give you a glimpse into the ministry of the man who had the greatest impact on our pastor. You will be blessed as you listen to these sermons – some from when Elder Davis was much younger, and others from his latter years. Regardless of his age, the anointing of God rested upon this man, and you will no doubt feel that anointing through these recordings.

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