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The Truth Church is a growing church with a vision to connect people to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, ministry, and training. We are focusing our prayer, time, and resources on reaching the lost – both locally and around the world. Our goal is not just salvation, but discipleship. It is our desire to minister to individuals and families, so they can build their lives on a foundation of truth and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Located just 20 minutes south of downtown Kansas City, our mission is to provide every soul in this metropolitan area with the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this in several ways, including offering free in-home Bible studies. If you live in the Kansas City Metro and are interested in participating in a Bible study, please contact us.

History of the Truth Church

July 1982 – April 1996

Our Past


In 1982, Rev. Jim Sample, a member of Life Tabernacle in Kansas City, Missouri, felt a burden to start a church in Olathe, Kansas. On Easter Sunday of that year, he and his wife, along with two other families from Life Tabernacle who were living in Olathe, held their first service in what is now the Olathe Civic Theater Association Building (located at 500 E. Loula Street).

As a result of this effort, Rev. Sample founded New Life Pentecostal Church. We began having regular services in a building owned by the Olathe Deaf Club (located at 221 South Chestnut Street) and continued to meet in this location for five years.


At the end of three years as pastor, Rev. Sample felt led to pursue another field of labor. On July 14th, 1985, Rev. L. D. Hilton became our pastor.


On October 30, 1987, we held a groundbreaking service on a piece of property located just south of 119th Street on Monticello Terrace. August 28, 1988 was the last service to be held at the Deaf Club, and the first service in the new building was on September 4th. The building was dedicated October 21, 1988, with Rev. L.E. Westburg officiating.

Not long after moving into the building, we were notified that the Kansas Department of Transportation would be expanding what is now Highway 7, which would result in having to demolish the new building. Thankfully, we still owned enough property to build again.


On January 27, 1992, the church obtained a building permit for its second building, which would be located at 11995 S. Monticello Terrace. Pastor L.D. Hilton preached the first service in this building on May 31, 1992.
Tragically, Pastor Hilton suffered a fatal heart attack on Sunday evening, February 4, 1996. He had faithfully served New Life as our pastor for almost 11 years. His commitment and hard work provided the foundation for the church to continue to thrive to this day.

April 1996 – PRESENT


Our Present


On April 14, 1996, the current pastor, Rev. Gregory K. Riggen, accepted the call to serve the church. During his time as pastor, he has focused our attention on a devotion to the Word and a passion for the lost. As a result, the church has grown and has continued to reach out to the community and the world.


In January of 2013, the interior of the current building underwent major renovations. This remodeling project lasted approximately four months and provided the church with a fresh look, a permanent baptistry, a much more spacious platform.

In June of that year, Pastor Riggen was invited to address a group of Trinitarian pastors in Harare, Zimbabwe. During his first trip, more than 50 people received the revelation of the Oneness of God and were baptized in Jesus’ name. As a result of that meeting, many doors have opened across the continent of Africa. In order to accommodate these efforts, Pastor Riggen founded A2Z Missions. Several times each year, Pastor Riggen has traveled to Africa, taking a group of ministers with him, in order to preach the gospel and provide further ministerial and theological training. Since that initial visit, literally hundreds of people have been converted in accordance with the message of Acts 2:38. (To learn more about A2Z Missions, visit a2zmissions.org.)


In December of 2014, we started laying the groundwork for a satellite campus located in LaCygne, Kansas. Rev. Brandon Hilton (grandson of our previous pastor and son-in-law of our current pastor) began holding Bible studies at a local bank. Within a few months, we were able to purchase an abandoned church building less than 1/2 mile from Highway 69 on 399th Street in Linn Valley. In April, 2016, the satellite campus became an autonomous assembly. (To learn more about the Truth Church – Linn Valley visit thetruth.church.)


In November of 2018, New Life Pentecostal Church formally became The Truth Church. This new name more accurately reflects the church’s goal of transcending denominations and religious organizations in order to proclaim the pure and simple truth found only in the Word of God.



It is the goal of The Truth Church to continue to plant churches throughout the Kansas City metro. As God provides the resources, we will reach into the surrounding cities and start satellite locations in order to provide a witness of Biblical Truth.

Each new location will retain the name “The Truth Church,” but will be individually identified by the name of the city in which the church is located. (One example already mentioned is “The Truth Church of LaCygne, Kansas”.)


Furthermore, architectural plans have already been drawn by Omega Church Consultants of Indianapolis, Indiana, for a new main campus facility which will to be located at 12111 S. Monticello Terrace (next door to the current building). The plans are divided into two phases: Phase One will provide seating for over 500 people, and Phase Two will accommodate approximately 1,500, and will include a Christian School, a Family Life Center, and Guest Quarters for visiting speakers.

The future is bright for The Truth Church! Great things are happening, and even greater things are yet to come! You are invited to come GROW with us! Visit The Truth Church this weekend – you’ll be glad you did!

Join Us in Person!


10 AM – Sunday School

6 PM – Worship


7:30 PM – Bible Study

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